Running shoes + high arch

Hi Folks:

I enjoy running as a side activity when I don’t have time for a bike ride.

I have a high arch and I’m looking for a shoe that supports this, good luck a few years ago with mizuno but when I bought the newer model they didn’t work for me. I struggled with plantar fasciitis.

I am not a serious runner so comfort and support is my main criteria.

Thanks for the advice.

PS. I live in a small town and out only real running store closed up a few years back. I plan to go to a bigger town and visit a real running store shortly.

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Buy some inserts/insoles for high arches to get the support you want. Take them w/you when you try on shoes. Buy the shoes that you find most comfortable w/the insert.


Get a “cushioned” shoe (nimbus, glycerin, triumph, etc) and use an off the shelf arch support like superfeet.

Many years ago I was an All American collegiate cross country runner with freakishly high arches. I had success with Brooks Gylcerins and green Superfeet. Later in life I used Saucony Triumphs w/ same brand arch support.

Try to get to a proper running store and they will watch you run and look at your feet (for free). They will likely bring out 3-4 different brands of the same type of shoe. Try them all on with the support. This is very important: one of them needs to feel like the single best thing you’ve ever had on your feet. Like the shoe disappears. Buy those.

Ignore the stupid clownish colors of the upper. Running shoes are tools, not fashion. You can use your cycling socks but if your self-conscious about how that looks don’t skimp on proper running socks.

When you’re ready for another pair, don’t go through this same process. Just pull out the support and throw it into a new pair of the exact same shoe.


I have the same issue. I wear brooks glycerin with superfeet orange insoles. Superfeet for the win, in my opinion

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As above try find a shop that will do a proper analysis to determine if you supinate or pronate.
I don’t run that much so can never remember which is which but I know I need shoes with support, I have high arches but not overly so. Here’s a handy article

For the record I’m happy with Asics GT and gel pulse before them

As some of the user have already posted here, you can go with special insoles or you can buy fitting shoes for runners/supinators. I have found some good pieces of advice in this article