Custom Insoles for High Arches

Jonathan mentioned he uses custom insoles for his high arches. Where did he get them? Does anyone else have tips for high arches?

I have some from a podiatrist buddy of mine. I went in and they took a impressions of each foot similar to this HERE. The only difference is the staff facilitated the impression rather than DIY. Also, the podiatrist knew they were cycling specific and IIRC sent my shoes in with the impressions. A couple weeks later the insoles arrived. Super happy with them. The picture looks pretty bad but, they are really nice.

I’ve had other cycling friends get insurance to help cover the cost as they are not cheap. I didn’t go down that path as my buddy gave me the “friends and family” discount. Still pricey but, worth it IMO.

I have custom insoles from a podiatrist due to high arches. Mine feet were measured by walking over a digital pressure plate and a computer calculated the insole shape needed. Mine are specifically tailored for running - when I used to do that thing - but work great in my cycling shoes.

I use to wear a pair that a Physio had made up for me.

I went to a podiatrist who just recommended a specific insert that he carried. He then added a piece to deal with another issue of mine. That was over 5 years ago. I just went back to him to get new inserts. Price of course went up but it was still just $70.

Not fully custom, but absolutely love my G8 soles.

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I have custom moulded Sidas insoles. Got my first set done in 2013, best money I ever spent on cycling, had them in all my shoes since. In UK at least a lot of bike fitters and good LBS have the equipment to do the moulding, I’ve had sets done in 3 different places.

I have feet where one is a size bigger than the other, both wide at the front, relatively narrow at the heel, very high arches. Finding a shoe that fits well off the shelf with good support and no hot spots is basically impossible!

Just a suggestion. Before you jump to the expense of custom, have you tried the cheaper pre-formed Specialized body geometry or Sidas 3feet slim offerings? Both are offered in 3 heights. You can build them up more with bar tape underneath to customise the fit if necessary.

I’ve just got a Formthotics heat mouldable kit on trial so I will see what they’re like and how they compare to the Sidas carbon.

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I had G8s and then went and got custom molded ones from a podiatrist who does cycling specific ones. I liked the G8s, but wasn’t 100% happy. The custom ones are better, but now I know how things should feel I think I could get the G8s pretty close since they are so adjustable.

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