Run Gap Syncing

I use a variety of fitness tracking and am new to TR. Workouts come through a variety of sources (Strava, Garmin, Apple Health, TrainingPeaks, Zwift, Komoot). Sometimes things don’t always go where they should and I need to “force” it to happen. I use Run Gap, which is an app that syncs between all these platforms (and probably 20+ more). Trainer Road is not even listed. Which means, that if a workout doesn’t sync to TR from a source it’s tough to get it in to track TSS, etc.

  1. TR should work with Run Gap to get in their system.
  2. How do folks get workout files into TR if they aren’t syncing automatically?


The best way to ensure that your workouts make their way to TrainerRoad is to use Strava as a middleman. Almost all applications are compatible with Strava, so you can push workouts to Strava, and then Strava can push to us.

It is worth mentioning that we are only able to pull in cycling workouts. That means any other activities you may track such as running or swimming will not get pulled into TrainerRoad.

If for some reason the workout file is not pushing through Strava properly, you can download the workout file and manually upload it using the procedure outlined in this Help Center Article.