RPE different for ANT vs Bluetooth on kickr

I have a dura ace Stages LR dual sided powermeter and have noticed on my wahoo kickr circa 2016 model that RPE for a given power seems slightly but noticeably easier when connected via ANT dongle to my Mac versus Bluetooth and RPE is much more in line with my experience when outdoors. Anyone else have this experience or insight into why this might be?


Hey there!

The reasoning behind this is that when you pair your dual-sided power meter with TrainerRoad via ANT+, it measures and communicates L+R power. When paired via Bluetooth, it takes the Left power and doubles it to determine your power output.

Therefore, pairing with ANT+ gives you a more accurate measurement of your total power, and it also will more closely match your outdoor power.

I hope that clears things up!


Is this also true for dual pedal power meters like Garmin, Assioma?. And if so, how do you get TR to choose Ant plus? Currently using a Samsung Galaxy 7 phone for TR.

On the devices screen when using Garmin pedals, both Ant+ and Bluetooth pedals will show up. The Bluetooth ones show as “V3BLE…” and the Ant+ shows as “Garmin power meter…”. I just connect to the ant+ ones and click “forget this device” on the Bluetooth one if it happens to auto connect.

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I’m not sure on Garmin, but the Assioma Duo’s can send power from both pedals over bluetooth. You just need to make sure the setting is toggled in the Assioma app.

It is true for my Powertap P1 pedals.

Yes it is true for the Powertap P1 pedals

The Assioma Duo pedals are the only pedal based power meters that are able to report L+R combined power via Bluetooth at this time.


So I just did a 1 hr workout with power match with the Assiomas. I switched from bluetooth on the first half to ant+ on the second half. No apparent difference in the power match or RPE. (short endurance ride)

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Is this true of the 4iiii dual sided (crank based) PM as well, or only pedal based systems?

This is true for the the Stages and 4iii crank based systems as well.

Good to know, thanks @Bryce!

Yet another reason that the Duo is high on my list.

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I am a dedicated nerd and I fully admit to being unreasonably afraid of not getting in my ‘proper’ workout. I’ve been using ANT+ for my P1s ever since I started on TR a couple of years ago. Recently I started getting a lot of drop outs on ANT+. I think it was caused by the pedals rather than TR, because I had it running on my watch at the same time and that kept dropping out as well.

Today I did Pettit and started it up on TR with BLE and on my watch with ANT+. No dropouts this time (on the watch, I didn’t expect any on TR with BLE). I kept my eye on my watch and kept adjusting the workout intensity to get that reading to match the ‘correct’ reading from TR. I ended up spending most of the workout between 100 and 103%.

I admit this is probably overkill for a couple of TSS, but like I said, I’m unreasonably afraid of not getting the right workout done.

Thanks Bryce. I’ve been using the ANT to connect my powermeter and Kickr and while RPE is similar to my outdoor training as you explained (which has been great), I’ve experienced many dropouts and sometimes complete disconnection to the Kickr. I fiddled around and have found a more reliable connection to the Kickr with bluetooth while still maintaining ANT for my powermeter. Moving forwards, this won’t affect the accuracy of my power readouts will it? I recently ramp tested with the powermeter and kickr connected via ANT (with one dropout early in test) and don’t want to hinder the accuracy of my training by switching to Kickr via bluetooth moving forwards while still maintaining ANT for my powermeter. Thanks.

Nope, this won’t affect the accuracy of your power readouts. The KICKR pairs equally well via Bluetooth and ANT+. It is only the L+R power meter that is affected by the pairing protocol.

You won’t be disappointed. The more I use mine, the more impressed I am with them. Just a really good, reliable, well thought out and executed piece of kit. Absolutely no regrets about buying my Duos.