Roval CLX 40’s and changing tyres /tubes

Has anyone else experienced a problem getting tyres off the Roval CLX 40’s?

I just had to cut a Vittoria Cora’s Speed off the rim to change a tube :sob:.

Impossible to get off with five levers.

On all my various wheelsets I’m able to roll tyres off with my hands except these.
Is this a problem unique to these rims or all Rovals?

I don’t use those tires, instead using SWorks Turbo or Conti GP 4000/5000. I’ve always used my hands only, no tire levers.

I also have Roval 50s. Again, hands only w/the aforementioned tires.

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Rovals here too and only cotton S works. No issues getting the tyres on or off as that’s a major consideration miles from home- great feedback and rolling resistance with acceptable durability.

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Thanks @KickrLin and @slowmart .
Maybe it’s a compatibility issue with Vittoria Corsa tyres and Roval rims.

Shame because I love the tyres for racing.

I broke a tyre lever getting a Schwalbe Durano off a secondhand Roval wheel. I failed utterly to get the Vittoria Corsa Speed on and had to take it to the bike shop (and they couldn’t got it immediately with their thumbs as they had been expecting to do!). I figured the rim was just a bit big, given that’s 2 manufacturers and 2 different styles of tyre. The same tyre went straight onto a Planet X wheel with thumbs only.

Another user of the Turbo Cotton and Conti 5000 with CLX50 and no issues.

Sounds like it’s the compatibility.

FWIW - the Turbo Cotton is the best tire I’ve ever ridden in 20+ years of riding. Completely changed the feel of the road in an incredibly good way.