Route Management - is there something better than RideWithGPS?

Other than a strict naming strategy, do people have recommendations for ways to manage heaps of routes? RideWithGPS has a map that puts a dot, but it seems there’s an opportunity here. Thanks!




I do use a naming strategy - e.g. “Hike // Name of Route” or “Gravel // Name of Route” which is great when you’re searching in the route list but I also use Collections - I think this has a slightly better display than using the dots. I also use the filters quite a lot in the Routes list (I have thousands!) e.g. 10k radius from a certain place. I have used all the other tools and I definitely prefer RWGPS, by a long way.

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I like Collections, too–basically a folder system.

Here’s what it looks like.


I have an old Elemnt so Strava is out for me since it doesn’t include the turn by turn directions in the route. RideWithGPS is my go to, but I don’t have so many routes that I can’t manage.

I mainly use plotaroute and tags

So if the click on ‘mixed run’ it will show all runs that are mix of road and trail, or 100+ all routes over 100 miles or velo29 all that race organisers routes etc.

You get the idea, not a great example as I recently had a clear out and deleted dozen of routes, I did have ‘endurance day’, ‘hill repeats’ but I know those like the back of my hand now so deleted them.

Thanks all. Collections looks like the best fit. I didn’t know it was part of RideWithGPS, and went looking for a separate product.

Now to move all the routes from Strava over, so they can be displayed like a bunch of spiders hugging each other…

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Do let me know the experience if you can. A short review would be much appreciated.

plotaroute is best if you ask me and it is free ! got turn by turn alert and you set mark location like lunch point, toilet point and etc…

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