Rotor cranks becoming loose?

is it a known problem that aldhu crankset becoming loose.?

i have just had this recently installed with a power2max PM.
I kept the ultegra chainrings.
i am wondering if is just that the LBS did not torque the crankset to spec or they are just coming loose?

sadly there are no alternatives to keep using the power2max but with rotor cransket. unless i go and change everything and move to quarq or something.

what are your experiences with rotor cranks? should i worry and have to carry a torque wrench around. I want just to ride without worrying the crankset is going to come off or get loose.

on a side note. I am astonished how little knowledge LBS have of power2max. they look at it like a novelty item. they are just used to deal with quarq, 4iii stages and assioma…

I am sure that the LBS where i brought he P2M to be installed don’t know how to do it. ;(

I’ve had an aldhu crankset for two years now and had no issues with loosening. The torque spec is 35-40. No power meter attached, but I do have that bling aero crown.

is this on a canyon by any chance? Lots of complaints of this online with the rotor cranks coming on some of their Grizl’s

The bike (3t) came with shimano.
I got the rotors to install a powermeter . keptbthe chainingrings

I gave it to an lbs butbthey have never heard of p2m.
I dont know if they put some loclite like they should…

When I got mine(rotor aldu and P2M), the 35-40nm wasn’t enough to actually lock the PM in. needed to go significantly tighter.

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You need to tighten that bolt with a 1.5ft+ torque wrench. If you don’t, it’ll come loose. If it wobbles enough, you deteriorate the crank arm / spindle interface.

You need to set that Tq, back the bolt off a touch, then re-torque it.

Mine hasn’t worked loose, but I’ve done less than 1000kms on it. I remember having trouble applying the required torque when installing, I did get there in the end using a long torque wrench I had from playing with cars.