Help removing Rotor flow crankset

I’m having serious trouble removing the crank set on my new bike. I am moving my old crank based powermeter to my new bike but the installed Rotor flow crank set wont come of.

I have looked at several videos and how-to videos. Also tried to find a manual. But I’m not able to loosen the drive side bolt. My bolt however doesn’t look exactly the same as on the videos and pictures. I have a an extra “ring” on top of my bolt that I’m not sure I should remove first?

My crank set

Compare to image from web

Is it a matter of just adding more force? I have the bike on the ground and are pressing as hard as I possibly can, and yes, it is in the right direction. I’m afraid to damage the bolt, its already a little bit rounded at the edges…

I have a impact wrench like the one below that I am thinking of using but I’m not sure it is a good idea, don’t know what else to do. Anyone that have any tips?


Impact wrench + bicycle = Bonfire of dollar bills.