1x AXS groad setup tech questions

With apologies for what may be a silly question, I’m trying to help my BIL out with a groad setup. He is set on one bike, AXS, and 1x. He has just taken delivery of a Basso Palta frame, and had an XPLR group on order, but has just had that put back until November. He’s not very tech savvy and rides about 75% road AFAIK.

I suggested a mullet setup, and have found a combo of stuff that can all be sourced online, but I want to confirm it would actually work before I suggest the specifics to him, as the technicalities of mullet setups are a bit outside my experience:

AXS road shifters
Eagle AXS rear mech
Rotor 11-46 cassette
Rotor 1x chainset
Eagle chain

In particular, I’m curious about the sprocket spacings relative to AXS, and about an Eagle chain on the cassette and the Rotor chainring.

Please do point out any errors I’ve made.

Thanks for the help.

That all checks out! Make sure the cassette is the 12 speed version obviously; they make 11 and 13 speed cassettes as well.


Rotor makes great cranks. I love that they are modular, i. e. you have a wide choice of axle standards, crank lengths and power meter options, 1x, 2x, round or asymmetric chain rings the world is your oyster. Their stuff is top noch. And their chain rings are compatible with 12-speed drive trains. At least outdoors their power meters are also on par with the best according to the usual suspects.

Your plan sounds good, a range of 419 % is about the same as a compact crank with a 11-32 cassette. Plenty for road riding. Although I’d probably use a smaller chain ring than what you’d expect from a pure road setup.