Rollers - How are you guys using rollers hitting Wattage targets?

Same for me. 2.25" Kreitlers. I’ll take it a step further though and go to a 28 or 30mm tire and drop the psi down to 65 or so. You’ll have gears to spare and hit your power targets without issue. Lowering tire pressure works really well. However, there is a fine line with it where you start to bounce a bit. You’ll know when youre there.

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You looking to buy used Kreitlers?

Having upgraded my pain platform to the Elite Nero’s, I am happy to proclaim that I am finally able to endure the mind numbing indoor workouts, and don’t lose my form on the road, hell, the workouts are even fun! I haven’t done any full blown sprinting on them yet, but the resistance seems more closely matched to the feel of being on the road than my Elite Directo. Speaking of which, anyone want to buy a practically new, Elite Direto, cheap? Has about 16 hours on it.


Its funny you mention that. Ive been between getting a Climb to match my Kickr, or selling my Kickr and getting Neros. Ive always loved rollers… Freedom of movement, etc. Seems simpler… Has the resistance stayed consistent? Have you ridden Zwift with them?

Im am yes!

I am inthe UK though…

just as a footnote to this I used my winter bike this morning, same stages power meter on both bikes, but 28s on the winter bike.
It was only a recovery ride but I was probably two (rear) cogs lower than my summer bike on 25s.
Need to check the cassettes are the same but quite a difference

Hi Andy,

I’m not on Zwift, social distancing and all, but I’ve ridden a few Rouvy routes. I haven’t noticed a change in the resistance, but I only have about 15 hours them. I’m sold though, I’ve been riding rollers for, well, let’s just say a long time, and I’m so glad there’s an option for the OG crowd!

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I’m running 25mm and I really don’t like the feel of anything less than 90psi. It’s like the rim is hitting the drum at high powers (though it’s probably not). Had any pinch flats due to this or am i just paranoid?

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It’ll depend on your rim width

Probbably paranoid. But I jack my psi way up on the rollers too. It feels better, and even at the higher PSI, the 2.25" kreitlers provide enough resistance.

How important is a flywheel when it comes to using rollers for TR workouts?

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I am using blue Tacx rollers and added simply one of the Minoura resistance units: Mag Resistance Unit | MINOURA JAPAN

unfortunately they have no remote but otherwise work well. In terms of noise I facing some screetching sound lately, but as I am wearing headphone and train in the basement nobody cares about the noise.

Before I got my e-motion rollers I modded my set of cycleops rollers quite a bit, including a DIY resistance bar. Basically just a piece of slotted angle steel with 6 rectangular magnets facing the roller drum. The magnets have to be alternating in which way their polarity is facing. Like + - + - + - It works because of something called eddy currents and not actually by the magnets attraction to the drum because the drum is aluminum and obviously aluminum isn’t magnetic. Heres the only photo I have at the moment but I could take more if you’re interested.


I used InsideRide rollers until I sweat-killed them (even with maintenance).

No problem doing 5min and 20min tests on those things (420w for 5min one time – I think you can actually get more watts out of those things because of the high inertia).

High inertia in the IR rollers, as compared to what?

higher than on the road – I always thought that, on mag setting 1, once I got those things rolling in a big gear, they would just stay there.

Cool, I would love to try their rollers, because that is the one detail missing from my DIY rollers. I have a spare flywheel I need to retrofit on mine, if I get some extra time :stuck_out_tongue:


If you really want to try, I have a worn but fully functional “take off” eMotion resistance drum you can experiment with.

I sweat salt killed my first set of eMotions same as Robert (took ten years). Before cutting up the bars for disposal, saved the drums and resistance unit in case I ever wanted to do a DIY set up.

Instead, was lazy and just bought a new pair of eMotions and kept training.