Rollers - How are you guys using rollers hitting Wattage targets?

So I prefer rollers but cant use them for most of my workouts as I simply cannot erach target wattage.

I use a set of Roodol compact with 2.5’’ rollers, Id go to 2.25’’ kreitlers but they are silly money and I dont think theyd make a huge distance.

My FTP is set at 290 so id have to be spinning to 140 for minutes at a time to reach some targets which although I race track is all but an impossible ask, and stay safe!!

Im in the UK so some makes of ‘resistance’ rollers I just cant get here (was particuarly interested in the rollers that increase resistance as you spin faster but no one stocks them UK)

I have the 2.25" kreitlers and have no problem ranging from ~100W to 400W keeping the bike at a comfortable speed (<50km/h) and with standard road gearing I don’t have to be doing much over 100rpm.

Recently added the headwind fan and this gets me a comfortable ~150W-600W without changing fan setting, the only struggle is anything that calls for >1000W as even with the fan open full the back wheel is all over the shop, though cadence is still manageable.

For reference, I’m ~70kg and keep my tyres at 90-100 PSI.


Saris / CycleOps doesn’t seem to offer this any more, but you can DIY a similar magnetic brake for rollers with aluminum drums:

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I have Tru-Trainers w/ a flywheel and can hit power targets ok (similar FTP). Previously used cycleops with a magnetic bar. Both work, flywheel feels a bit more natural.

Also, trainer tires and a bit lower pressure add a few cogs worth of resistance in my experience (and are quieter, which is why I have them). If you’re close that may get enough resistance to get by.

I’ve been meaning to build a DIY mag bar (tru-trainer used to make them but I believe they were told to cease making them by Saris).

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I had a set of E-motions for 5 years.

Could hit 400+w for 5 minutes on those, no problem.

You just need rollers with some mag resistance – but that gets up into smart trainer price territory.

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It might, but rollers aren’t popular. I picked up /am doing all my training on an old set of cycleops rollers with a manual resistance bar which I picked up for 40 pounds from 5 minutes walk away. I think Chad has the same ones hacked with a control for the resistance, but mine are fine set to number 1 or 2 depending on the session

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Kreiter 2.25 definitely solve this.

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ok I can hit 400 quite easily but I need 600 plus for sprinting.

I thought the headwind fan was just a cooling fan?! how does it affect the rollers resistance, and is it compatible with other rollers??

My ideal would be the sportcrafter resistance but just don’t exist in the uk and shipping doubles the cost of them

also a lot of my workouts are done on my trackbike so fixed gear

I’m having the same problem (using old school Performance Bike rollers). Ordered a second band to go on the opposite side, hoping that gives me some more resistance. Do the Kreitler products work w/ any set of dumb rollers?

eBay? I found a set of Feedback Overdrives from the US (apparently the same thing as sport crafter version, Feedback licensed the design I think). Shipping to the UK does look expensive but might be worth looking at. I really like mine, but I’m still not sure about full on sprint efforts? IE - my skill set more than the rollers. I would be in the highest gear and high (for me) RPM to hit very high numbers like above 600w.


THe kreitler fan will stop you dead in your tracks at any wattage, if that is what you are into.


This is a great thread, I need to see if I can get more out of my Tacx Rollers, they’re great for Z2 and up to about 300W. Would love a set of resistance adjustable or “smart” rollers at some point.

Are you in Melbourne? I have some Elite smart rollers you’re welcome to try out…

Using elite e-motion rollers with 3 stage resistance. On 2nd step 50-12@110rpm is 400w on gp5000 tires. With slower tires and on 3rd step it can get over 600w. But generally do sprints outside makes a lot more sense imo. Everything else is fine on rollers.

Insideride roller…plenty of resistance (ajustable)

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Stupid question, but does a rubber trainer mat under rollers help with the noise? Not concerned about the floor, it is tiled. Thanks!

I use an old yoga mat which does help with the noise but as I found out yesterday moves a lot while Im doing sprints!!
so much so I had to stop to put it back in place

That’s where the fore-aft (surge motion) base helps a ton. That spring return float can allow those harder efforts and balances the forces better than a fixed setup. DIY based are a nice solution if your are game for a project.

Ive never heard of one of those - are these things people have made themselves ?

See my post above, in the sections about the motion platforms (not the brake sections I set in the time stamps).