Rollers and Power Meters

Looking for “Rapid-Fire” feedback from Jonathan and fellow roller loyalists…

  1. Power Meter Suggestion for TR Training on Rollers?
  2. Recommended saddles specifically for Rollers?
  3. Are the Elite Arion “Magnetic” Rollers worth the upgrade?

Background/Current Situation:
-Only train on Rollers and Outdoors.
-Been using Heart Rate as my sole data source for years, but looking to make the switch to Power/Watts/Etc.
-Power Meter would be for a bike that is only used on Rollers (i.e. never leaves the paincave).
-Current Rollers are Nashbar Parabolic Rollers circa 2016. Put over 500+ hours a year on them without any mechanical issues and they are still going strong (plus they travel well and are quiet).
-Satisfied with current Saddle, but always looking for recommendations considering the amount of time spent on it.

Thanks in advance for the info… I really appreciate it…


Any power meter (crank, spider, pedal and hub) will be fine. If your saddle works fine there’s no reason to change it. Adding a power meter will not change the way you ride, unless you use the information for improving your form :slightly_smiling_face: .

The only possible issue would be:

Are the Elite Arion “Magnetic” Rollers worth the upgrade?

A power meter will measure how much power you are producing, and is relatively common that regular rollers won’t offer the resistance needed for high wattage outputs. If that’s the case, you will likely need to upgrade your rollers for resistance ones like the Arions.

I would first try a training program with your current rollers and upgrade if the need arises.


I use Elite Real e-Motion rollers which are ANT+/BLE controlled. PowerMatch to my Quarq. Zero issues with power targets, because the vast majority of work is threshold and below. For workouts with ‘bursty’ kinds of stuff (30 seconds VO2, for example), I use a regular Elite Driveo trainer.

I was on the rollers this morning for a chillax endurance ride of 90 minutes (Glassy-3 – which I don’t know why they list it as “Sweetspot”).

My saddle, which is kinda irrelevant because everyone’s bum is different, is a 132mm Berk Lupina.

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I use Elite Quick Motion rollers w/ Assioma Uno pedal and have zero issues. My FTP is usually btw 190-220, and I rarely have to flip the 3 position resistance lever from 2 to 3. I have a Kurt Kinetic trainer, but haven’t used it in months (moved/sold my house and set the rollers up in the garage as it’s been pleasant weather here in Texas), so all my indoor/garage TR workouts have been on the rollers. Really like them compared to traditional set


I use the Elite Arion “Magnetic” Rollers and a quarq dfour power meter. The rollers have plenty of resistance and feel smooth. They’re also very quiet. I’m loving the combo

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