Roller Drills/Training

Outside from TR workouts what are your go to sessions on rollers? I am looking to mix it up and just add some variance into my training.

Make an omelette -

Learn to skip -

These may or may not make you a faster rider :rofl:

I kept it fairly simple when I started.

One of my gotos was, find a gear that gave a not huge power number at 90 cadence then do 1 minute at 90. 95, 100, 105 and 110 cadence, drop to the small ring for 3 minutes, change up a gear and repeat. That was a good way to fill an hour and work on different cadences.

I then moved to drills like raise alternating hand, raise hand sideways, look over alternating shoulder, look under alternating shoulder (this one harder than it sounds), pedaling with 1 leg, 1 leg 1 arm, no hands etc etc.

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Well Egg = Protein = Aided Recovery= Faster