RockShox Flight Attendant, Electronically Controlled Suspension


I wonder how it compares to LiveValve. Not that I am in a position to buy any LiveValve or FA equipped bikes :joy:

Hopefully it trickles down eventually like Di2/AXS to the mid range.


The BikeRadar article briefly touches on a comparison to Live Valve. Initially the author is discussing the old El system, which he suggests was not as good as Live Valve. Then he goes on to discuss Flight Attendant which he judges as more cohesive and refined. Sounds very promising and I look forward to further evolution and the eventual appearance on XC bikes.

"So, how does it ride? Well, for comparison’s sake, I need to first mention my time on the EI system from all those years ago.

I was certainly aware of what was going on as the shock toggled through its different settings and, although it wasn’t as fluid as I’d have liked, its potential was obvious.

Fox’s Live Valve, operationally, at least, felt much better – providing it was in its most sensitive setting, making it as reactive and as open as possible – here, it was really pretty slick, but you’re still conscious that something is working away beneath you. And the irritating cable rattle from the additional wiring was less than ideal.

It’s a very different experience with Flight Attendant, as RockShox has done a sterling job at delivering a fully cohesive, refined and super-slick system in a well-presented package.

You’ll hear the buzz from the motor from time to time as it toggles through settings, but as the trail gets more engaging or the scenery more dramatic, it’s easy to forget Flight Attendant is beavering away beneath you."

I’d like to see a Specialized Epic with this instead of the brain.