Rocker Plate Power Loss and Noise/Vibration dampening strategies

I recently made a version of the rocket launcher rocker plate. For the little money I spent on it I’m finding that it is 100% worth the effort despite well documented shortcomings in providing a completely analogous experience to being out of the saddle on the road. My is very grateful perineum, as well as the folks in the apartment below me, are very grateful (noise dampening was a secondary goal of the project).

There are some tweaks I want to make to the rocker plate but while watching my wife on it this morning noticed how much bounce is going on at the base of the plate (See video here) and wondered how much power is being lost in that vertical movement. Has anyone pondered this? Additionally what have other people tried to do with noise/vibration dampening with the Wahoo Kickr 2018 with or without a rocker plate?

I have additional foam on the base of the rocker plate in addition to the pad on the floor to aid in vibration/noise dampening (which have entirely eliminated noise traveling through the floor). The spring in this additional foam is the main cause of purely vertical movement and the most significant potential power loss. I assume if any power is lost in the tilt of the upper base of the plate that mimics potential power lost by the same movement on the road and does not warrant concern. I guess at the end of the day though it doesn’t really matter, does it? If I have to train 5-10 watts higher all the time what’s the worst that could happen, I get stronger? That’s not the worst outcome. Either way, curious about other folks’ noise-canceling techniques that don’t consist of shelling out $1400 for a Tacx Neo 2 or New Kickr.

I have a good start on power related thoughts for rockers.

The vertical movement in your video is minimal, IMHO. I have seen much worse. Even with your situation, it is a non-issue for the purpose of training. You are getting all the demand from your body, regardless of the minimal bounce.

If your are doing Zwift races, that is a different matter. The power loss my impact your peak and average power over a Z race.

For noise and vibration reduction, I’d recommend trying the small ring. It can significantly reduce noise and vibration when compared to the big ring.

I’ll use the small ring for steady efforts below ftp and it is very quiet but for sprints I find that the trainer is able to ratchet resistance faster and I am able to achieve the target power more quickly. It also feels quite a bit better to be ina larger ring with the kickr.

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