Road shoes recommendation

I’m looking for narrow road shoes with most rearward cleat position. Any recommendations?

Giro shoes are quite narrow IMHO. I have cleates on my Empire SLX pushed full forward in comparison to the mid position on Specialized Comp that I use on the trainer so I guess that Giro would fit your needs.

I also like a rearward position. I like the pedal axis about a 3/8 inch behind the ball of my foot. I’m using sworks 7 and they are very comfy for such a stiff shoe. I can wiggle my toes and honestly, they are just as comfy as my shimano rp9 endurance shoes over a long ride. My feet are pretty much normal sized, though I had to wear narrow shoes when I was younger.

You want a 2-bolt MTB cleat.

For road, you get the adjustment in the cleat, not the shoe. Maybe a Speedplay cleat with the 4-bolt to 3 bolt adapter. Otherwise, I see Quoq might have an offering.

I will share that my Lake’s have the least rearward cleat holes of shoes I’ve had recently. Guess I’d rank my 3 recent pairs in that respect as follows in most to least; Shimano S Phyre, Bont Vaypor S, Lake 241.

I have wide feet so I can’t really comment on the other half of the question.

The S Phyre does have a little adjustment in the shoes with the use of slots instead of circular holes, imagine they’re not the only brand that does that.

I use assioma pedals so I can’t use speedplay and looking for shoes with boa system.

I am considering either shimano rc9 or bont vaypor s.

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I like the Shimano better in terms of fit for my wide foot but I like the Bont uppers a little better. The Bont tub style sole caused my feet to develop hotspots after 2 hours due to pinching the bones. Almost went for the wide Bont but found a great deal on the Shimano instead. Finding Shimano were hard to do in August, no idea what it’s like now.

I am a little curious how the Bont soles will work with a narrow foot. You can’t really mold them that much so I would think the foot might move a little which could also cause issues.

Ended up buying last year’s rc9 and really like the cleat position.


I really liked the Mavic Cosmics (they do fit narrow). Now discontinued, obviously, but they are still fairly readily available and typically discounted.

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How far back do you want to go?