Road cycling clothing list

Omg, that’s a lot of plastic in the wardrobe.

Any thoughts on the Gabba RoS or similar?

Feel like it should be in there some where but I think a gilet makes it redundant?


I’ve always wanted one, but never come across the need for one. The weather is either “not so bad”, so I go for the just get wet approach, or the weather is terrible, and I’d want a proper waterproof/winter-weight clothing/go for a run instead.

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It is 100% making you hotter (cotton head band). I used to use them but the heat got to me. Ended up adding a fan just to point at my face and fixed heat and sweat issues.

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:sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Yea, winter/fall/spring base layers are fine. But summer base layers are a waste of money. They’ve shown in more than a few research papers that base layers in the summer just add heat. Skin is still king in the summer.


10 is a lot? Oh man, I think I’m up to like 20 pairs of various bibs and as many jerseys.


Its not all about heat. I feel more comfortable with a base layer and the more sweatier I am the more it helps with comfort.

And there is a very real cooling benefit from a base layer that does not show up in the lab. Vanity keeps me (and and I’m sure others) from fully unzipping my jersey when it really hot unless I have an under layer to hide my “less than chiseled” chest and belly :wink:

It would help if we knew what kind of conditions you ride in. Summer and Winter in Florida is different to Scotland etc.

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Temperate zone!

Theres quite a lot of variables on top I suppose,

I get hot quick sweat a lot, relatively high bodyfat for someone who works out 10hrs a week. Kind of riding is club group rides and outdoor workouts. Suburban areas, hilly, nowhere flat.

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Not sure that helps, the UK, Spain, Japan, Chile and Canada for instance have very different seasons / weather.

Yea, I’d rather the sweat drip off or evaporates from the jersey than gets stuck in a base layer. If I am losing fluid and dehydrating at least make me lighter.

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To each his own i guess…

Thanks all, I went round and round trying to decide what combos were best, but I’ve settled on this and ordered most of what I didn’t have.


  • Socks, white - regular dress socks
  • Shoes, white - trek circuit
  • Bib shorts, black - Castelli competizionne
  • Base layer, white - Castelli Prosecco
  • Summer jersey, belgian blue and bordeaux - Castelli, I got two in the end Classifica and the Aero Road which are particularly good imo,
  • Mitts, black - Castelli Icon
  • Helmet, aero, black - Trek ballista


  • Shoe covers, black - Castelli Perfetto (tbd I remembered how much I hated shoe covers when I had them)
  • Leg/arm warmers, black/belgian blue - Castelli Nano Flex
  • Thermal bib/jersey longs - Huub. Core, Castelli Puro (existing)
  • Wind/rain gilet, drive blue - Castelli Fawesome (existing, re proofing now)
  • Cycling jacket, black - Castelli Gabba, short sleeve with arm warmers shouldn’t need full jacket
  • Long finger gloves, black - Castelli Perfetto (tbd)
  • Buff (existing)

Plus two Castelli caps, belgian blue which has a peak that matches the Fawesome, and Bordeaux.

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Wow. Somebody really likes Castelli!

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Yeah, I had a fling with Huub cycling a few years ago but looks like I’m over that.

Never bother with base layers any more, since buying a good gilet that breathes, and a good long sleeve jersey last winter. When it’s cold, long sleeve jersey and gilet. Chilly, just the jersey. Cool, normal jersey arm warmers and maybe gilet.

I need to remove top layers, too many memories of having to remove base layers …

I have so many permutations from my current kit. Just for the upper body it’s

Vest Base layer
Full base layer
Arm warmers
Short jersey
Long jersey
Thin gilet
Thick gilet
Pocket rain jacket
Full winter jacket

All of my stuff is cheap except the jerseys. Basically I’ll put my head out the window and pick something. This autumn it was a lot of long base layer + long jersey + thick gilet. Thankfully it’s finally warm enough for just a short jersey and maybe a pocket gilet.

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I think my new favorite word is now Gilet :upside_down_face: