Road Bike Rental in NC

Just fishing to see if anyone is aware of any bike shops that rent high end or quality road bikes in the Ashville, Morganton NC area.
I am headed back to the states in July August time frame and would like to do some leisure riding and possibly a few races in the area.
However, purchasing a quality bike travel case is more expensive than a round trip ticket across the Atlantic. Also the hassle once stateside I will be jumping from west coast to the east coast and southwest lugging a bike bag. Ergo rental or nada.
So any help anyone can provide is greatly appreciated
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I would have guessed there’s a shop right in Asheville with good rentals, but if you are posting here, perhaps you have already googled around. If so, here are two options to consider that are further afield. One is Hotel Domestique in Greenville SC (not sure whether they will rent to non-guests). And this is a long shot, but Lees-McCrae College north of Asheville has an extensive cycling program. Since you’ll presumably be there when school is out of session, maybe they will rent you a team bike for a week or two.

I have visited Asheville a few times and love it. When you are there, consider climbing Mt Mitchell. It’s a very long climb by Eastern US standards.

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In 2017, we stayed in Boone, NC, right near Beech Mountain…my BB shell crapped out and I ended up renting a Specialized w/ disc brakes from a shop there. Do remember the name but there is probably only one there anyway.

A little ways from Asheville, but not horrible if you can’t find anything else. Or adjust your plans and stay in this area…riding is stellar.

ETA - think it was Boone Bike & Touring

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Thank you! I will check it out I remember seeing the name Boone when I was searching. Thanks again.

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Okay I will check it out… both of them. I have contacted 3 LBS’s in Asheville but no reply yet. I figured I try asking the TR crowd as well as no I’m just shooting in the dark. Thanks again and got it on Mt Mitchell thanks.

Did you try calling The Hub, Sycamore Cycles and Squatch in Brevard? Brevard is much more convenient to the mountain biking near Asheville than Boone.