Advice - SRAM Red eTap AXS 46/33 CR w/ 10-33 cassette - good for gravel?

Hi there,

I have the opportunity to get a good deal on a really nice gravel bike. The gearing is SRAM Red eTap AXS with a 46/33 CR and a 10-33 cassette. What do people think about this gearing? I’m nervous the gearing won’t go low enough for a proper gravel setup that will get me up steep hills. I’m just getting into biking and would love to use this bike for gravel races in the future. Would love any advice you guys have. Thx!

Lowest gear is 1:1, unless you’re planning on racing up 30%+ gradients or carrying 30kg of camping gear then that setup should be fine. (assuming you have a nominal level of fitness as you are entering races).



How long are the hills, and what length rides do you plan on doing?

A 7% hill for 5 minutes at the beginning of a one hour ride is very different than a 7% hill for 60 minutes 5 hours into a ride.

I live in Colorado and have a 31-34 as my easiest gear. Thats about right for me, but I wouldn’t want to go lower.

I think it all depends on your terrain. Where I live in NorCal a 1:1 is not nearly enough. I have a 31:34 and that’s not enough for some of the climbs I have around here.

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Where in NorCal do you live and what routes are you thinking of where 1:1 isn’t enough? Reason I ask is because I’m in Norcal - SF area.

I have the 46/33 and did have the 10-33 but changed to the 10-36. SRAM says you need a new derailer but you can adjust the same one to work just can’t go 46 with the biggest 3 gears in back due to chain length. When I finally abuse this chain enough I’ll try two more links and see how that goes.

As for gearing I like having a little more bottom end for climbing in South Dakota, no it’s not all prairie here. And I’m not a big power guy, currently just off 3 watt per K at 61 years young. Efforts over 275 watts blow me up after a couple minutes

So overall, great option, particularly if you make bigger power. You can always add a different cassette to save some effort but my not be required.