RLV Player with Trainer Road

I am using Trainer Road on a tablet (bluetooth connectivity to my gear) and I run BigRingVR on my PC to play video rides. BigRingVR uses ANT to listen to my power (it can control resistance based on the ride’s incline, but I turn that off since the TR software is controlling the resistance).
This gives me a view of a nice bike ride, while using TR for my workout. I enjoy the video being controlled by my power output.

I am looking for anyone doing something similar with different software playing the video (RLV) files.

OR - is it possibly TR could embed a video player of an RLV file - showing your progress through the ride as you workout? (I know there are threads about the old embedded video player, but that was not for RLV files and not controlled by the power readings).

thanks for any replies!

Just received this request via the support team as well, it’s been passed along to the team for consideration! :v:

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Thanks for the quick response!

While TR considers this, is anyone else using a different RLV player for this same purpose?

Here is a pic of my current setup for reference. The PC is also connected to some loud speakers and is running Spotify for some nice tunes while I ride.