Riding a new bike indoors all winter?

I really want to step up my game this winter doing a lot of trainerroad session on my Tacx Neo 2 but i’m unsure whether i want to use my new Venge indoor all winter.

I used to ride an old KTM Relevator on the indoor trainer but it’s 1 size too small and keeps me from following a strict plan indoors.

Would you guys say it’s unwise to use a new bike i recently purchased and just put 500km on outdoors all winter riding indoors?

What wear and tear issues could i experience other than chain and chainrings?

Assuming it’s mounted to the trainer properly and you take some steps to control sweat ingress. It should be fine. Alternatively, if you’re worried about it, find something cheap on craigslist that’s the correct size and use that on the trainer.

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I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Being brand new doesn’t make it any less suitable for the trainer.

Speaking of sweat… what do you do with bar wrap on your trainer bike? Mine is disgusting, yet looks brand new.

Tbh i sweat less than most and i usually cover most of the top tube and stem with a towel.

I was mainly worried about the wear on the frame and bearings.

I’m asking because my impression was everyone is using an old bike on their trainer.

I use my race bike on the trainer all winter long. Control sweat and clean the bike regularly depending on the conditions of your pain cave. Don’t forget to also clean and lube the drivetrain.

Seriously do this. Buy almost ANY bike your size. The group is totally irrelevant, wheels irrelevant etc. Make some adjustments to the fit to get it close to your Venge and ride the hell out of it.

I did this with a very cheap Giant I found on Craigslist, 105 group and a couple of flat tires, $500 later I had an amazing platform for training. I put on an old saddle that I liked and new bar tape. Lubed up the drivetrain and away I went.

I’ve got over 4,000 miles on it and it is my primary mode of training every week. My race bike never sees the trainer and pretty much stays race ready all the time.

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I’ve been riding my brand new Scott Addict on the Neo almost for a year now. I’m a XCO-racer so the only mileage I’ve put on the Addict is like 200kms outdoor. No problems so far.