Rides/bike rental in Providence RI

I’ll be in Providence RI for the birth of my first grandchild in the first part of May. Any suggestions where to rent a decent road bike or guidance for rides in the area?

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I’d have to look up the names, but there are some bike trails, including one that goes pretty far down to southern RI. I’m in MA so I’m only sort of familiar, but you might want to check nbxbikes for rentals, they have a Providence location (I got my CX bike from their Narraganset location).

If you’re pretty comfortable with heading out on the roads or maybe drive out of the city a bit, southern RI (tiverton, Sakonnet) going back into MA has some great riding. My parents live in southern MA, so I’ll head over into Sakonnet and pretty much ride along the southern MA coast.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, I’ll check with them. I’ll probably still be in build phase then, but I’m going to start spacing things out with outdoor rides by that time of the year. There appears to be an evening TT around some resevoir. I wonder if they have a Mercx category.

You might have luck with Spinlister.

Thanks for the tip. The only thing I saw on the Providence list was a Bianchi. We’ll have to see. I will bring my shoes, pedals, Kit, helmet and hope for the best.