New England Area (Tri) Bike Fitters

I am looking to get a fit on my tri bike before my ‘A’ race, St. George 70.3, in May. I am located in the NH Seacoast area, but am willing to travel to get one done right. From what I have read Fit Werx in Peabody seems like the best place around, but seeing if anyone here has had any experience there or recommendations for other places around the NE area?

A little backstory (cause why not…):

  • I bought a used Felt B2 last year and raced a sprint on it where I could put out some good power, but was (probably) not all that aero.

  • After that I got a fit done by a local guy, who used an IPad and some app and took pictures and measured angles, but that was the extent of his technology. He made some pretty serious changes to just about component I had, but I felt like I wanted more based on what I paid.

  • I raced three more times last season (one sprint, 2 oly) and could definitely not put out as much power, but was (hopefully…) more aero. I honestly feel like the aero gains did not outweigh my decrease in power, but trusted the guy and just kept running with it.

  • Now I am spending more time on the tri bike in leading up to my first 70.3, and have been having some saddle discomfort that I did not experience last year. I am very close to making my own tweaks as a precursor to a fit, but am holding out a bit longer (for some unknown reason…)

Thats more than you needed to know just to recommend a local fitter, but figured it couldn’t hurt to give some more info.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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I have used both Fitwerks in Vt and Peabody and cannot say enough good things about them. Have recommended them to many over the years and never an issue. I drive an hour and half to purchase bikes, tuneups,etc as I have not found a shop anywhere in the area to their standards.

Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for! Have you used them to fit a bike you already have? From what I could find online you pay to get the measurements and then they charge extra to apply to your current bike, that seem accurate?

They fitted a previously owned Trek back in 2009 and since then have purchased all my bikes (Cervelo) since then. They are fitting my bike with a Etap today and honestly would not go elsewhere even to save the 3 hr round trip drive.

Thanks @merlineast! I’m easily convinced I guess, just set up an appointment for next week with them. If I have any cool thoughts afterwards I’ll be sure to share!


You should be happy with the choice !