Ride with GPS - "Estimated Time", Is it accurate?

When loading a route into the Ride with GPS software, it gives you an estimated time to complete the route:

Estimated Time shows a prediction of how long it would take you to ride a given route. This number is based on your recent riding history, and represents an estimate of moving time . Each time you upload a new ride, your Estimated Time profile will adjust to reflect your most recent riding.

Has anyone found this to be accurate?

Always way high for me

Do you upload most of your rides to RWGPS? I found as I added recent rides the time came way down.

I think they auto upload. I dunno, I just know what kind of pace I can hold over a given distance/elevation and can usually figure that out myself anyway

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For me it seems to under-estimate the effect that elevation has on my rides, but most of my rides are done in rolling terrain so when I scope out a bigger climb it gives a quicker estimate than I’d likely be able to do. For randonneur rides it doesn’t seem to take into account exhaustion over the long haul either, but it’s still pretty close. It says I’d be 50 hours to ride PBP but my on-bike was 56h so it wasn’t completely out to lunch.

My ride history has a lot of group rides in it and some slower endurance rides so it seems to give reasonable estimates.

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