Ride Photos / Action Shots!

Props on the WIN!!! (musta been the cheater aero bars :wink: )

Looks like a heck of a save/miss on that nasty rut above.

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The spirit of gravel came to me in the middle of the night and told me it was ok to use them. :rofl:

I was happy to have kept it rubber side down, I put myself in a bad position and almost paid for it(it was ~163 miles in, fatigue was high). To be fair, the photo doesn’t do justice to how steep of a descent that was(in the -15%ish range)


I almost brought that up too :slight_smile:


A local friend/coach/aero nerd did a ‘Chung method’ comparison between these(BIKEIOWA poggie lites) , more stiff ‘Bar Mitt’ brand poggies and heavier lobster gloves. These soft fabric poggies were the worst aero wise, but heavy lobster gloves make it difficult to eat and hard to hold bottles. and the stiff bar mitt brands can’t be ridden on top of them when your hands get too warm. I wore pretty thin, Pearl Izumi AmFIB lite gloves. They might have been slower aero wise but they were for sure the right option to stay on the bike(the biggest key in ultra’s)


I’m reppin the Quinn Simmons beard look at the mo


from the Gorge Gravel Grinder this last weekend in Dufur, OR.


I took 24th/250 and normalized 270w for 4.5hrs
Tough field! Super proud of my performance. Shaved 30 minutes from the previous year and increased speed by 1.8mph (avg).


Congrats on the ride. Winning is some sweet icing on the cake! Are you writing anything up on it? I’d love to read it.


That’s an impressive performance. Gotta love it when training pays off!

I somehow came away with a 2.5min pb (1:17:22) from yesterday’s Leo 30 TT. Lesson learnt don’t wipe a KASK visor with a dry microfiber/ glasses cloth. It strips the anti fog and the visor mists up. Lol, too busy peering out of the small gap I forgot to flex the elbows and the arms locked up (I’m not sure if it’s a post op/chemo thing due to my bad circulation) or just a general thing from going hard. When I got to the roundabout for the 3rd time I couldn’t see at all or flex my elbows; I had to stop to flip the visor. Lol, 1/2 a mile down the road it ripped off all together. If I had known I was going to lose it earlier I would have ripped it off earlier :joy:

Some great pics from before my full steam up and visor loss :+1:



Somehow managed 2nd on Handicap


Davey Jones snapping at Six Mile Bottom?

I actually got a video of you passing Bottisham on the first lap (I live 500 m off the course) but you were on the bull horns either about to pass someone or having just been passed, so it went in the bin with most of my rubbish attempts at photo/videography :joy:

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Yip he was somewhere around there. IIRC I saw him on my way to the start, he was just north of the village on the east side of the road :camera_flash:

BWR: First ever gravel race. Borrowed a bike. Finished 34th. Did better than I expected. Hurt a lot more than I expected. I think I’ll stick to the road moving forward. :joy:


Got my first podium at a local TT/Du event today!


Nice Castelli Kit … what’s the model? It’s a suit?

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Cargo bibs from red white. Caffeine gels in left pocket. Beta gels in right. The jersey is in the link below.

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Possibly the best TT photo ever :grin:. Local car club must have wanted a clear run on quiet roads at 9 am on a Sunday morning! Pity they couldn’t keep up :joy:


The green car even LOOKS frustrated. :rofl:


They were very patient. Was quiet early in the morning but the road was narrow so difficult for them to pass. Made some noise coming passed me, nearly :poop: myself :joy:

Here’s another without the lambo!


Park Rash from Sundays ‘Struggle Dales’ Sportive.

Nothing like a 25% burg to make you regret having a 28 on the back


Not AussieRider, but big fan of Castelli gear. I’m quite sure it’s the Castelli Aero Race 6.0 Jersey.

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