Ongoing Topic Idea? Rate My Group Ride

Been thinking about a theme of posts where folks share their most recent group ride and the forum gives it a rating like: Productive, Useful, Hope you had fun , or Just skip it. While it might be fuel for too much debate, It also might be nice to lend some eyes to what your weekly group ride looks like for your fitness. There’s constant debate about the usefulness of these, as we know, so maybe we could shed some light for individual athletes. Maybe this could be a good podcast segment?

Anyhow. Since I have no knowledge to give feedback, I’ll gladly be the tribute.
283w ftp. 78kg for starters…

2nd group ride of the season. 36 mile route this week with the 1 baby “climb”. Starts as a friendly pace line for 10 ish miles, then the leash is taken off and folks start making moves. 1 “finish line” about 25+ miles in… Another calm rollout through traffic and a 3 mile attack/sprint at the end. Felt strong taking my pulls and in the pack, miss timed the attack on the first finish and soft pedaled in, had a good [for me] final sprint (800+ for 20 seconds)… Can’t seem to crack 1100 at the end.

I don’t know the best formate to share ride data… Would love recommendations. I uploaded some TR and Strava Elevate screens.