RGT Races are just like Zwift races...people cheat

Did my first RGT race this morning on the Borrego Springs course…Wasn’t sure what to expect…finished 30th out of 92. The feel of racing was a bit better than zwift because the avatars actually did some realistic drafting…zwift always seemed like you got aimlessly shuffled around, paceline actually felt like a paceline. The bummer was the top 3 or 4 guys were pushing 6-10 w/kg for almost the entire hour of the race.

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It will happen…unfortunately but I am keen to ride up Ventoux on RGT to say I’ve done it.

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Stelvio is pretty cool too.

I´ve seen my group mates that hardly can cope with my pace in outdor climbs to have some astonishing FTPs and average wattage when racing in Zwift. If those numbers were true they would leave me behind in every climb and not the other way around :slight_smile:

About RGT are you sure they are not bots? If theres no national flag and tehy only have the first name they are avatars and some can be quite fast. personally I´ve never noticed such a big wattage. he highest Ive seen ir around 5ish.

wow! INEOS needs to change its roster and get rid of these slackers:


Some of my mates have a position at Ineos for sure :slight_smile:

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I agree with a comment @SSaldanha made, are they actually real people? If someone sets up a race in RGT they have the choice of what power the bots are, John from RGT has told me that in the future the upper limit for power is going to be vastly reduced for the bots.