Education on Zwift Cheating (Nerd Version 🤓)

This is interesting, more so how Zwift could ever make prize winning races fair. Short of mandatory in person group races where trainers, scales and height measurements tools were provided by race organizations, it just can’t be verified in every “pain cave” around the world.

It doesn’t distract from the Zwift product, but for those that race a lot at the top levels and take it seriously, it’s a bit disheartening. I don’t see how they could ever stop cheating and that prevents me from ever wanting to race inside of Zwift. I can’t gut myself in a race knowing (or at least thinking), I’m just racing against cheaters. Which is too bad, because it’s a unique feature of Zwift. I’ve seen many of good video games (closet old school gamer myself) that lost all appeal when cheating was obvious and rampant.

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there is also this video from the Lama that goes over some generous weight changes that some of the contestants had once they weighed in at an in person event. I can only imagine that there are many more doing it even more blatantly when they dont have to step on a scale in person.

Zwiftpower does a pretty good job of checking results and pulling people with unrealistic numbers as well as those with no HR info (which is me right now).

I occasionally finish near the front of A races/rides which is 4-5w/kg and most of the guys up there are regulars and known commodities with easy to find real life results as well.

The bulk of the commentary and interest around zwift cheating seems to come from folks who a) don’t race and b) probably wouldn’t be super competitive if they did.


That’s probably a fair assessment , I’ve only raced a few times on Zwift and that was almost 2 years ago.

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Zwift is a big world in terms of numbers and there’s a lot of legitimately fast folks. I think you see people cry foul because they’re getting smashed, but they well and truly should be.

I find users overall to be pretty representative of cyclists in general in terms of fitness. The top of my Z2 is around 3.6w/kg. I’ll cruise on an endurance ride and my entertainment is the droves of riders virtually wheelsucking and then attacking only to be passed again in less than 60 seconds on every hill we encounter. Helps the time pass:)


I like zwift racing. It pushes me. I don’t care if others are lying about their weight as long as someone is around me to try to beat it motivates me. I do wish it was more dynamic.


Yup, real or fake, I use them all as rabbits to chase and pull more from myself than I might be able to do “on my own” while riding inside.


Yeah cheaters on zwift is the long awaited ghost rider feature implemented by people thinking they are outsmarting you


Correct. Or they go into a C race expecting to be a lazy rollout and a sprint finish rather than a smashfest from the gun. As a CX/MTB racers I love the fast starts then settle into threshold, that’s exactly what I need to simulate.

I won a B-grade Tour de Zwift race this weekend, surprised me to be honest, I don’t race on Zwift for places, just the overall effort, but I can say it was quite a motivator to potentially win a hilltop finish race, which suits my racing capabilities IRL.

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  • If you mean that you can trust that all the rider efforts around you are “real and accurate”, then NO.

  • No one can make the guarantee now or in the foreseeable future. There are too many power data input options for Zwift to control to a level of “legitimacy” outside of controlled power devices at on-site events.

  • So you are trying to compete and earn money at the pro / elite Zwift racing level?

It’s not great. I do think there could/should be some kind of points system that lets you get into categories because of merit rather than w/KG. seems they could achieve that.

But like others have said, you chase rabbits and make a race out of competing with the guys in 11th, 12th and 13th rather than 1st-3rd if that is where you find yourself after the first few miles.