Revisions to General Build

I’ve just scheduled another block of General Build (mid vol) immediately following a prior block of the same. I’m very surprised to see the intensity of the workouts to be much lower than those of my past block. Here is an example of the difference I’m highlighting:

Old plan week 6 Tu/Th: Anaerobic 6.8 / Vo2 6.9
New plan week 6 Tu/Th: Vo2 4.0 / Threshold 4.6

As suspected, I’m finding the workouts to be VERY achievable under the new plan and worry that I’m not making productive use of my training time. For background, I am not part of the adaptive training beta.

Are others also wondering about this change?

This was introduced a while ago:

I am pretty sure we have an existing thread discussing them as well, but can’t find it at the moment. I will link or merge when I find it.

Found the long discussion:

Please continue discussion in that area.