Return to Training after Travel

I just got back from an 11 day travel holiday. Fortunately, I was able to do short 30-45 minute alternating days of Z2 and then VO2 Max workout using smart pedals and gym bikes, but my FTP had definitely dropped. I just “failed” a longer threshold workout. I am using the new FTP detector and AT. Should I just plug away and let the AT adjust my training or “do” a FTP test, I mean use the FTP detector. Thanks!

If you have no races coming up… Why not just take a week or two of unstructured rides. Ride for fun & get the rust off? You’ll bounce back quick… maybe even better. The first few back are usually a bit funky for me too.

Can’t see your FTP dropping in just 11 days. More likely you’re just a bit tired, jetlagged, or dehydrated, or simply not used to the load anymore. I’d do a couple of easy or endurance rides and then get back to it.

Thank you!

Same thing happened to me after returning from 10 days of travel, and eating too much. I failed 2 workouts back to back, took a day off then came back and started cursing my workouts again.

AI FTP reduced my FTP by 3 watts and I accepted it during this time.

In other words you should be back to normal soon, and failed workouts are still progress. (You still did some of the work)

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I usually do a Z2 ride my first day back, then maybe a sweet spot workout before resuming structured training with threshold or higher. I find this helps knock the dust off and gives an extra day to get rid of residual fatigue, even if returning from a vacation.

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