Rest "Weeks" -- How long do you take?

I’m pretty much following high volume for an amateur(average 10 - 13 hours a week, one rest day). During the recovery week I’m doing ± 7-8 hours and 60% tss of the last training week. A ride like brasstown just feels nice and really doesn’t fatigue me at all. I also add in an extra full rest day during that week and feel like that really makes a difference. But maybe you’re talking about an actual “rest” week and I’m talking more about a recovery week?

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Personally I like about 5 days- seems to be a good amount of recovery and i’ll use the remaining couple of days for testing, which is nice as it doesn’t interrupt the other workouts in my plan :slight_smile:
I tend to prefer lower volume and higher intensity, so i’ve found that i don’t necessarily need to reduce volume a huge amount on my recovery weeks as it’s more about allowing my muscles and joints to recover. The upside is that i can focus a little more on endurance-based stuff, which i normally don’t love.

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After recently finishing SSBLV1, I took a full seven days off the bike. With a good bit of relaxation and a focus on eating healthy, I decided to up the workload to SSBMV2. Upon starting the plan I absolutely crushed my FTP test! I am just 1 watt shy of my peak season goal (guess I need to reassess my goals).

From this experience and others (a long winter completely off the bike, solely doing gym work) I really feel like taking a week, or even two here and there can really help with motivation and mental focus. I am usually okay with doing my workouts once I start, its simply a matter of keeping motivated and focused on my goals!

I have thought about taking my recovery weeks completely off, and one day might try it. I do decrease the workload far more than people on here say they do. I am getting 400-500 TSS, and will cut the recovery week back well under 200.