Rest versus recovery ride

I have Pettit on the calendar this evening. I had work, then had to take my dog to the vet this evening which affected my training schedule. I think I will just take the evening off all together. Maybe hit the sauna.

What would be the benefit of me just mustering up the energy to do a recovery ride versus rest day?

Here is some existing discussion.

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Thanks for referencing that one! I did a search on it, and only briefly read through that one. I saw one response to the difference mentioning it flushes out the legs for the next hard day. And that it’s a tss filler, which is essentially what the workout description states as well.

Is that all I’m looking at for that kind of ride or am I missing anything else that would really push me to get on there? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Pettit is really more Endurance than Recovery. It’s a full hour in Endurance, so much more TSS in this case.

A true recovery ride will be lower intensity and often shorter (30-45 minutes). The basic purpose is to actively clear the body and lymph system, in effort to prepare for another workout later.

Not really magic, but worth testing if you can. In the event you can’t fit either one in or you are too tired, it’s better to skip it and happily move on the next day.


And how is the dog?

Yeah, I realized that after the reading the comments on the other post a little more in depth!

I guess my real debate now is potentially getting to bed a little later than usual to do the ride since my usual ride time was taken up. I’ll just have to be extra awesome tomorrow!

What do you think about moving the workout to Friday if I’m the OCD completionist type of person… heh

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He’s okay :heart: thanks for asking!

Just needed an anti-nausea shot and maybe venturing into more stomach-friendly food. With a gentle reminder that he is considered a senior citizen.


Moving it is great. Just make sure that any adjustment doesn’t lead to complications on subsequent workouts.

In this case, I bet you will be just fine.

Okay, sounds great! Thanks for the input, Chad. Friday one hour garage sweat here I come!

I’m also getting my smart trainer tonight, so I’m super excited to get on there these next few days :heart_eyes:

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Sounds like you have a good and fun plan ahead. Enjoy. :smiley:

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That looks like a smaller version of my Goldendoodle!

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