Respiratory issues while cycling

Hi all, this last year I have been experiencing some respiratory issues while training or racing for long periods of time. While cycling I feel a tightness in my chest/lungs that gradually gets worse to the point where I can barely inhale or exhale more than tiny little breaths. After around 3+ hours of riding is about when my breath gets the shortest and usually ends my ride. This has happened 3 times now, twice 60ish miles in and once more at mile 100. I have tried an inhaler and it does not seem to work. I consider myself more of a runner and have never experienced this on any run before even when running 3+ hours. I checked with my doctor and even saw a sports specific doctor who ran breathing tests (which I passed) as well as an EKG to make sure it’s not a heart issue which it was not. They only suggested it is a bike position problem but we’re otherwise equally as confused as I was. Just checking if anyone has experienced this before and overcame it, or has any ideas as to what it could be. Thanks in advance!

Ask your doc if you can arrange to be re_tested immediately after 3+ hrs of riding. Sounds like exercise induced asthma.

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Singular is indicated for EIA. That would be an easy thing to try. Not super cheap (probably cheaper than anther exercise study, though), but you only need to take them before long rides and its pretty safe.

I have EIA and regular asthma, and have ran into issues during races. Usually I have problems on really hard starts at MTB races. However, I tend to have serious issues hours after the race with some extreme coughing fits before bed.

One thing I have found to be helpful is focusing on proper timing of when I take my meds. Singulair is recommended to be taken 2 hours before exercise. Rescue inhaler I take 40 minutes before the start. Also the week leading up to a race I make sure to use my symbicort inhaler at the upper end of prescribed use.

I am experiencing this for the first time ever this year. Our spring here is much different than normal and my allergies are really going into overdrive seems to be the main problem, so I know it’s temporary but that knowledge isn’t helping my workouts any.