Resistance in trainer completely changed after location change

I am clueless on what is going on, so I wonder if somebody has experienced something similar.

I recently moved the location of my indoor training set-up in my garage. Before moving it I was consistently scoring an FTP of 230-240 W doing LV programmes. Some intervals were tougher than others but I always managed to finish all my trainings.

Just after the relocation I moved to a speciality program and the next training was a Bradley. My HR jumped to 80% of MHR just during the warm-up. I could feel much harder to pedal. I was unable to finish for the first time in 6 months a work-out. Yesterday it was the turn for Basin. Same situation, HR up to the sky already during the warm-up so I had to reduce to 70% the intensity of the work-out to be able to finish it. Today I took an FTP test and scored 187 W, this was even lower than before I started training with TR. I have checked everything several times: level of resistance in TR and trainer, if the brake is touching the wheel, pressure of tyre, position of bike. The only thing that changed slightly (beside the location of the trainer) is the pressure of roll of trainer against the wheel. Unfortunately I was forced to reajust it after the location change. Could this cause so much change in resistance? I should say that when I ride outside I am as fast as always, so it does not seem a decrease in fitness.

Has anybody experienced this? Any suggestions what can it be? Which number should I trust as my “real” FTP: 187 or 240 W?

I use a Tacx Satori (in resistance level 6) with cadence and speed sensor. So I am relying in my TR training in virtual power. Always same pressure in the tyre (a special Tacx tyre for trainers). Same bike in the trainer always in the same position. I do nof use a fan because it is quite chilli in my garage year around.