Rene Herse Orondo Grade 31mm

Has anyone given Rene Herse new Orondo Grade tires a go? I just ordered some out of pure curiosity. I’ve used their gravel slicks on a bike a couple years bike and really like the ride quality, but the instability in corners was enough for me to look elsewhere.

If no one else has tried them, I’ll be sure to follow this post up with a review!

Nope, used other tires from them (28 to 44mm) but not that one yet. Curious what you mean by instability in corners, though. Can you explain further? Mine feel rock-solidly planted and corner beautifully. What tire pressure are you using, and how did you arrive at that number?

I mean they don’t have as much grip in corners as other tires I’ve ridden. The front end had a tendency to want to wash out. That being said, that was on my first gravel bike ever and my first experience with anything offroad. It’s been 3 years since then so it very well could have been inexperience. If I remember correctly, I was running in the low 30s (Babyshoe Pass).

They are very supple tires, so getting tire pressure right is more important. Have used their own tire pressure calculator?

Other than that, I’m not an expert so I don’t have any real advice or comments to offer. Best of luck, and hope it works out well for you.