Question - René Hersey Tires

Just wondering if anyone has tried their tires and have some thoughts about them.

I’m currently running Conti 5k, 700x25… debating trying the Vittoria Corsa G2 Competition (w/tan sidewalls), just to switch it up…

cool story bro :smiley:

I hit the wrong button. Lol.

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From what I read online a lot of people like the Rene Herse (formerly known as compass) tires because of their supple sidewalls, weight and looks.

After watching the YouTube channel of Rides of Japan I decided against trying them. They seem to be not ideal in a tubeless setup - lots of weeping through the sidewall.

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Compass tires (Rene Herse) are big time in the randoneurring world where comfort is more important than pretty much anything else. The folks running them with tubes love them.

Definitely do not run the extra light versions tubeless. Having to add an extra 3 ounces of sealant to accommodate sidewall seepage defeats the point of dropping 1 ounce of tire weight. I’ve got my next pair of regular weight tires ready to replace my extra lights in a few months though…


The larger volume Rene Herse are great when run tubeless. And yes, mine are very supple.

Agree with the comments about not running extra light versions tubeless (or really at all). Standard casing. Also, I don’t have any experience with the smaller sizes (26mm, 28mm, etc). They are on my gravel bike, not my road bike.

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How do you like - or your thoughts on how they handle?

I have the Barlow Pass tires. I find the handling on the more stable side. Supple, like I said, and with lower pressures you get that additional comfort (most of that is volume not necessarily tire brand, so can say that about all wider tires I guess).

I find the handling to be more stable than nimble. So when hitting something like washboard gravely surface, I feel confident. If it’s strictly asphalt it’s grippy in corners but maybe a bit mushy. That is also what makes it cushy on that more sketchy surface. Depends on what you’re looking for. Seems like you’re looking for more road race tire. Not really sure how they do there. :man_shrugging:


Lol… spirited riding, yes, but not flat out racing… lol… I’ve been running the Conti’s, starting with the 4’s and now the 5’s… I had a pair of Vittoria’s once, but they were track tires that I was treating as road tires. Lol. That wasn’t a good experience. Lol. But four years in, I know better now. Lol Now, I’m just looking to try something different.

I had the standard Snoqualmie Pass and really like them with tubes. They seemed to roll really well on pavement and did ok on “friendly” gravel.

I tried to set them up tubeless and it didn’t go so well. They didn’t want to form a very good seal without sealant so I gave up and decided to go a different tubeless route.

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I currently have their 42mm Hurricane Ridge with the endurance casing mounted up tubeless and they have been great. No issues with the tubeless set up and fun to ride around on but haven’t logged a ton of miles yet.

Had a pair of their 28 standard casing road tires a couple years back, club rides and crits. They were very lightly built, like an open tubular CX tire, and felt fast/grippy. Was running them with tubes so no insight on the tubeless set up but the gum walls looked good.

Not a 4 season training tire though. Probably won’t put them on my bike right now unless I was in southern California or Australia

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