Best Big Knob Gravel Tires

Hi All,
I’m in the market for the best set of big knob gravel tires I can find. I’m loosing too much time with the hesitation and instability of my current set (Specialized Pathfinder Pro 42"), specifically in the descends. I need a rougher tire that gives me confidence to go down fast in treacherous loose gravel conditions.

The two I’m considering right now, but open to others as well…

  1. IRC Boken Doublecross 42"


Tubeless Ready
Reinforced Sidewalls
High-grip compound (Boken compound)
60 TPI casing

  1. 700C X 42 Hurricane Ridge TC Tire Endurance Plus casing


Clincher, folding bead
Made in Japan

Looking forward for your suggestions. Thanks

The best feedback from close friends that are very good Gravel riders that I’ve received all agree with the Hurrican Ridge by ReneHerse.


Take a look at the Gooyear Connector Ultimate tires…maybe not quite as big a knob as the Rene Herse, but similar to the iRC, I think.

Best damn gravel tire I have ridden…used it last year for The Rift in Iceland, which had just about every type of gravel imaginable and I never thought twice about the tires while riding.


That’s a good test for sure

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I rode the Rene Herse Oracle Ridge 700x48 on my last gravel bike and they were great. It’s basically the same tire just the next size up. Still reasonably fast on pavement and confidence inspiring on loose stuff.

My only complaint with RH tires (at least in my case) is they were a bit more tricky to install. I had to install with a tube, unseat part of the bead, remove tube, then reinflate. Once on though they were durable and held air well on my HED hooked rims.

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I made this list for somone a little while back if it helps anyone at all. Its a list of grippy gravel tires with links to reviews and where to order them. Grippy Gravel Tires - Google Sheets


Just did a very wet Rule of 3 on Pirelli Centurato M 650b 50mm tires and was very happy with their performance on gravel and single track

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knobs for what? Dust, mud, rocks?
You say loose gravel descents… what size rocks? If they’re bigger than a pea, knobs aren’t going to do much, you’re better off with more tire and lower pressure. If it’s smaller aggregate or dust, you’re good. Second, you don’t need full knobs for cornering; you just need cornering knobs and to lean the bike onto those corners.

This mainly. Also fine sand sections, where the Pathfinder really lacks.