Removing squirt from frame

Hello all, I’m getting ready to sell my bike and I have used squirt lube on it for about two years. I not have a pretty large amount of spatter on my frame. Does anyone know how to remove it without damaging my paint or frame? My paint is matte so I want to avoid polishing or sanding. I clean it off my drivetrain with the ultrasonic cleaner, but it tends to eat carbon parts. Any help is appreciated

Its just wax. Use warm water and microfibre cloth.


Squirt is a wax-based chain lube. If heating it up doesn’t work, perhaps a citrus based solvent? Organic compounds dissolve in organic solvents - I’d steer away from anything too harsh though, like acetone. Obviously, test whatever you use in a small inconspicuous area in case it causes discoloration.

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