Any Smoove wax lube users? (maybe Squirt users can chime in...)

I decided to try Smoove after reading reviews. Smoove is a wax lube in a bottle. No hot dip required but you do need to clean the chain to bare metal spotless for good results.

On my second go around with Smoove I properly cleaned the chain and all that. I did this in July and got several squeak free months out of the chain. I’ve reapplied Smoove to the dirty chain’s rollers a few times but I’m at the point where it needs a cleaning.

The directions say that you can clean the chain with citrus degreaser and a chain cleaning tool or by hand.

I’m wondering how well this works. I’d have to buy a chain cleaning contraption as I haven’t owned one in ages. Or, spray it with degreaser and scrub with an old towel and toothbrush? Frankly, it sounds like a big mess.

Also, regarding citrus degreaser. I had some Zep and it barely melted factory lube off the chain. Do I not have the good stuff? I’d rather not use gasoline or strong smelling solvents.

Or do I take the chain off the bike, clean it until it’s spotless and start over?

Any thoughts?


I will get lots of hate for this again, but I use squirt and just clean the chain with hot water and dish washing soap. I reckon the hot water liquifies the wax and the soap takes care of any grease thats gone in.

Make sure you dry the chain quickly and re-lube, because it will rust very fast once lube-free and wet.

Oh, I usually do this on the bike, but if it is really bad, take it off and give it a good scrub in a bucket of hot water.

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Squirt user here. This is what I do (not saying it’s the right way though…):

Before first use the chain gets cleaned as prescribed for hot wax (mineral spirits & meth spirits baths in peanut butter jars).

Depending on the dirt level there are three possible options before reapplying squirt

  • If the chain is still quite clean I just drop new lube on it.
  • If the chain is a little bit dirty I use 1-2 baby wet wipes, press them against the chain and run the chain through it. I know this just cleans the chain superficial, but that all that I’m after in this case. Reapplying lube afterwards.
  • If the chain is dirty I use the park tool chain cleaner (when I wash my bike anyways) with MucOff degreaser. At that stage I also use a dummy hub and clean the cassette separately. Plus a hard brush to clean the gunk / wax off the pulley wheels. Works pretty well for me. I dry the chain with an old towel, sometime I blowdry it. Wait until it’s prober dry and reapply.

Cheap Ultrasonic cleaner from Harbor Freight + good degreaser is pretty effective!

Same for me with ultrasonic when needed. Used to use paraffin but since trying squirt wont go back. It is just way easier.

This is how I use Squirt:

1)Degrease new chain thoroughly
2)Apply one drip of Squirt on each link
3)Leave to dry overnight
4)Repeat steps 2 and 3
5)Ride bike
6)Every 3-4 rides (±300km): superficially clean chain with dry towel and repeat steps 2 and 3

Works for me: always a clean and smooth running chain :grinning:

Disclaimer: I don’t ride my bike in wet conditions.

Smoove user…the shop has an ultrasonic cleaner so each new chain goes in there first. I live in a very dry climate so after the initial cleaning I apply a healthy coat both top and bottom (inside/outside) of chain the night prior to a ride. Subsequent cleanings are basically what @splash does. The revelation for me was applying the stuff to both sides of the chain…

Soap and hot water is how I used to deal with my old school lube.

When I applied Smoove, I put a drop on every link and then put it into a plastic baggie over night. This seemed to really help it work in.