Help Mounting Challenge Strada Bianca Tires

As the title says I’m looking for trips or tricks mounting a set of Strada Bianca TLR tires to some Nox hoops. I can’t even get the first bead on the rim which is something I’ve never experienced. Over the years I’ve learned a few tricks mounting GP5k’s by hand and thought I could mount any tire but, the Challenge has me stumped. I’ve tried baby powder to help slip the last section over the lip and Pedros tire irons. So far I’ve snapped two…Help?

Throw a tube in and inflate them, let them sit for a day or two like that, then pop the tube out and add sealant… They “stretch” and have sort of a memory to them that makes it simpler the second go round.


Been there done that. They are a b@tch to get on. Try leaving them out in the sun to get hot or using a hair dryer to heat them up. I still had to use a tire jack. Challenge makes one and so does Kool Stop I think. Still wasn’t easy. The tires are great once installed but the worst I’ve ever experienced getting on.

And the tube strategy won’t work because that requires mounting them!!


Ahhh, Got ya… OP is still trying to get them up over the rim… I was interpreting it as not getting the bead to seat on the first side. Sunshine for sure…

I was gifted two sets of these – one 36c set & a 40c set. It seemed like such a nice gift until I went to install them. I told my friend how much I struggled, and he said, “Why do you think that I gave them to you?”. :rofl:

From what I remember, you just need a really tough tire lever and some serious determination. I think I broke one or two Pedros putting these on as well. I agree that tubeless GP5s were the standard to judge tough tire installs in the past, but these are on an entirely different level.

Otherwise, bring them to a shop! It’s always fun watching the professionals struggle, and can help to bring some dignity back. :melting_face: Often, it’s worth the cost vs. ruining your hands for the rest of the week. :sweat_smile:

P.S. One pro tip for anyone who doesn’t already know – start opposite from the valve and work your way up. The valve usually prevents the tire from sitting deep into the rim bed, which can make things ever so slightly more difficult. With tires like these, you need every trick in the book! :mechanic:


Thanks. Ordered the kool stop jack. Would like to avoid the shop if possible.

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The trouble I had with the Kool Stop jack was the hook to hold / pull the tire on wasn’t very deep…it kept slipping out.

Found another version of the tool with a better hook….bunch of the same versions on Amazon.

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I did this actually… took them over 2.5 half hours to setup.
then they were leaking and had to redo them as there was something wrong with the tape…
but the second time i did it myself and it was great.

Did you try soap and warming the tyres?

Just some baby powder so far. They were a late day Sunday delivery and had to travel for work Monday morning so not much chance to do battle (home Wednesday). I’ll set them in the sun for a bit and with the Kool Stop tool I think Thursday will be the day I can ride them.

You’ve got some hot sun so definitely do that. The Kool Stop works well, however as someone said above you have to be careful - I use a pair of leather gloves to protect my hands just in case. Instead of powder I have a spray bottle of water and apply liberally to the tire and wheel, as they say “slippery when wet” for the win.

Gloves in case the tool snaps?

Gloves in case you slip, sounds like its going to take a lot of muscle. Here is what I did last night on a particularly difficult section:

  • mount first side
  • if that is giving problems, do the following (same instructions for both 1st side and 2nd side):
  • spray more water at the tight area, both rim and tire. In my experience it is usually about the last 1/8 of the tire. Make sure the valve stem in the middle of the unmounted section
  • put the Kool Stop tool on outside by valve stem, make a “tent” with last section of tire, and hold it steady
  • use my free hand to roll one end of the tire over the rim
  • use my free hand to roll the other end of the tire over the rim
  • muscle the last portion over the rim, right where the valve stem is

The gloves also help with rolling the tire bead over the slippery rim and into the center channel.

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I had the same problem with mine, it was absurd, i thought I had to be doing something wrong but they work fine now. Here’s what worked for me:

  1. make sure it’s seated in the center channel on the rim
  2. I put them next to a heater in the bathroom for an hour, they were hot to the touch and maybe stretched a bit but were definitely more pliable
  3. I added dish soap around the rim
  4. the dish soap made the tire slip on the rim so as i worked my way around the side i already had in popped out - i solved this by putting a rubber woodworking clamp onto the rim so the tire couldn’t pop out again.

I did the rims on separate days because my forearm was so sore from getting one.


Thanks again for the tips everyone. It’s amusing the things we do to find those little pieces of “free” speed. Amusing because I bought these for an upcoming gravel event and I’m not even a player. The event has a 13 mile paved climb that is causing me irrational concern as I am a weak climber. In my defense I had no idea these would be this difficult.

When I mounted them I used my massive finger strength developed by years of rock climbing.

But actually, the crank bros speedier levers work wonders for me.

I use two on opposite sides of the bead and slowly and methodically pull the bead while working each side toward the other.

These were very tight, and I had to use the levers on the first bead as well as the second. But just keep making sure he entire seated bead is in the middle of the center channel and keep inching the unseated portion of bead over, while using the clipped on levers to maintain your progress, and it will work eventually. An additional tool such as a tire jack instead of bare fingers might make it easier as well.

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I use the kool spot tire jack along with a zip tie to prevent the bead from coming off.

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Haven’t seen it mentioned yet, but did you watch the installation tuturial they link on the box?

I didn’t have too much trouble installing them using their technique. It’s unconventional but worked great.


Well…Had to get help from a shop but, they couldn’t mount them either. They were able to mount them to an aluminum wheel set. So, hopefully a little stretching will happen and we can get these rolling in a day or so.

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