Reliable eMTB in the ~$2000 range?

Is there anything reliable / quality in this price range?

Asking for a family friend.

Bike will be used as both a commuter and on blue & green single track by a beginner rider. She’s a formerly an athlete and is 20 years old, so I suspect she’ll quickly want it to be at least reasonably trail-capable. ie. not break if she takes it off a 12-inch drop.

I know nothing about the ebike/eMTB market. Anything helps. Links appreciated!

That is a tough price point for eMTB. I am not aware of many “reliable/quality” options from brands that most people would recognize (i.e. not Ebay or Amazon clones). Standard price of entry is about $3k USD and goes well above that.

Here is what the only one I found for a quick search:

At that price, I think it’s unlikely she will get anything unless she stumbles on a used model.


Grateful for any insight! MTB preferred!

I moved your new post under your prior one with the similar / related goals.

  • Best E Bike under $2000, in this most recent case.

Oh! Sorry for reposting!

I should clarify that it was for a different purpose and user.

Just generally looking for any experiences of anyone with any “knock-off” brands. I know this is primarily a place for enthusiasts willing to spend as much on bikes as I do.

But, if anyone has any friends or family who have opted for the lower-dollar models, I’m interested in hearing personal recommendations with used or “no name” models.

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Understood on the different user. In any event, the basic goal seems aligned, so grouping makes sense to me. Sadly, the prior one got minimal traction and I still don’t think that price is conducive to many options of quality MTB’s.

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Assuming you don’t need an emtb, I really, really love my RadPower bike. I have the RadRunner (cheap one) and it puts a stupid smile on my face every time. Single speed, mechanical discs. Really simple. I have a front rack/basket and a rear passenger pad (the 9 year old loves it possibly more than I do).

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