Electric Bike Recommendations?

Hey guys!

What are your thoughts on electric bikes?

Looking online, a lot of them look the same - from avid cyclists, are there any you like or would recommend?

Trek’s have the highest ratings, but their price point is a bit crazy.

What type of bike are you wanting?

There are road, MTB, commuter, comfort version of these. Knowing the type you want may help give some recommendations.

My wife test rode a Trek Crossrip+ today. It was just a parking lot loop with a decent hill but man was it fun.

Yeah, I hear the Trek’s have super fast acceleration

I looked up the Trek Crossrip+ and it’s a $4,000 bike lol

Hey Chad - I’d like to get something for commuting to work in the city. Budget is under $1,000, but it has to be somewhat portable since I live on a one story walk-up.

Well, from my relatively limited knowledge (we sell Trek and Specialized ebikes), you will have to look at something other than the main brands.

  • $1,000 cap will be hard to hit. I think most of the main ones will be $2,500 minimum right now.
  • Also a bit tough for an ebike since the battery and motor add 10-20 lbs to a typical bike that already weights 20-30 lbs.

Just Two Examples:

  • $2500, 51.5 lbs for a size Medium


  • $2,850 and I think the weight will be similar, 50-ish lbs (not listed on the side, but I have moved them and they aren’t light.

You have a pretty tight set of criteria that may well he hard to hit, unless you head down a DIY or very off-name brand.

Thanks Chad - I’ll need to save my piggy bank another year, but good to know what you guys think :slight_smile: