Price No Object, eMTB recommendations needed

Goal: eliminate time spent making the bike work, and maximize fun riding time. Price is no object.

Client will not turn a wrench. All work will be done by a shop, whenever needed. Maintstream parts and components are ideal for that reason.

Client, male, age 50, is new to riding, adventurous, wants to explore, and doesn’t want to spend time on bike maintenance, or worry about DIY stuff.

What are the best options for eMTB for mostly all-mountain riding with a side of cross country / marathon exploring?

He’s never owned a MTB but is athletic and an eager & fast learner.

Grateful for your insight if you know, or are, someone like this!

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I’ve been doing a lot of research in this area. Specialized seems to be the clear leader from what I can tell, but others are catching up. It appears weight doesn’t matter much, so spending more money on a super light frame, isn’t high on my list. Bosch motors get a ton of love. Specialized seems to have the best user interface for telling how much battery remains. Spesh has also just recently come out with bikes that come standard with a 700wh battery, which is a nice step up and means a good long mtb ride without worrying about the battery.

I can’t come up with a reason to go any higher than an Alloy Turbo Levo, MAYBE the Comp version.

I’d love to hear anything you learn.

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Did that SuperCaliber E-Bike ever make it to market?

I would say, I wouldn’t recommend Giant e-bikes from the recent issues a mate of mine has had. Pains me to say as I’m a Giant fan.

I hate to say it, but the Specialized bikes with the option of adding a range extender really seem like the best - money no object - option.

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Find an eMTB with belt drive and a Rohloff, that would truly be the most maintenance free option.

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Money no object? A heap of love from various sources is the Yeti E160 2022 Yeti 160E is Outstanding - YouTube

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What was the Giant issue? Motor or bike? That Yamaha motor gets a lot of love…plus no rattle!

The Yamaha also has the nicest handlebar integration. Bosch on the other hand? Strapping a basket and streamers to your handle bars would be less obvious hehe

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He’s had several issues, some just bad luck, all very expensive.

His most recent was a complete failure of the motor, not covered by warranty, requiring an expensive replacement. In my mind the motor’s should be expected to last the life of the bike. Crazy that the batteries would outlast it.


Interesting. You’re correct in that a motor should outlast the batteries, but if you calculate the half life on most batteries you can conceivably get 20 years of life. Just that ride in 20 years time might only last ten minutes lol.

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Orbea Rise. Probably harder to get in the US than the Specialized Levo SL however.

These are both “lightweight” eMTBs that your friend may enjoy if he’s on the fitter side of things.

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Thanks all!

How often do any of you (or your friends) who are eMTB riders typically find themselves wishing for more battery life? Or is that not a very serious consideration for many folks?

Rocky Mountain has their own motor. My mechanics says its the best in the biz. Might want to check out the Instinct Powerplay and Altitude Powerplay.

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