Release Notes somewhere? [Resolved ✅]

Are the app update notes available somewhere? Installed a new update this morning and couldn’t scroll down to read all the notes on the update.

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Hey Corey,

At the moment, it is not possible to view release notes after the fact, however, these are the most recent updates:

Group Workouts
· Added a configurable noise gate that shuts when you aren’t talking - this can be adjusted under Settings.
· Added a visual indication of who is talking.
· Added the ability to choose to display your first name instead of your username.
· Added the ability to choose to display your target in %FTP instead of raw watts.
· Added the ability to choose to display or hide your cadence and heart rate data.
· Added a more reliable connection spinner when athletes first join a room.
· Fixed some copy around the number of athletes permitted - up to 11 athletes can join a single Group Workout.
· Fixed an issue where the camera “off” icon could show over an athlete’s video while their camera was “on”.
· Fixed issue where you could be unable to select a new webcam if the active video source became disconnected.
Other Improvements
· Improved the application update process by adding better messaging and displaying completed download percentage.

We are actually meeting today to discuss how we want to address the issue of sharing Release Notes after the initial update :+1:


Would be really nice, especially when running Beta Releases. Then can see where things might go awry if that happens (note I had the scroll down issue too - I could not view most of the release notes)

I really really really like the way YNAB does it. Not to technical but with enough insights and some short demo-video/gifs of new functionality: What's New | YNAB

Hi all

Potentially stupid question but is there a changelog somewhere on the TR site showing new features, app changes etc? I’ve come back to TR after an extremely disrupted year (emigrating during a global pandemic is not good for routine!). Loading up the app everything seems to be familiar despite the 12 month gap but I wondered if I was missing anything new since last January? The blog doesn’t seem to help and the I can’t find anything on the support pages. Closest approximation I guess would be Wahoo who keep detailed logs for their devices.


I do not recall there being a changelog or version history anywhere. However, there are two other options that come to mind.

  1. If you’re running TR on an iPhone, you can go into the App store, find TR, and then select “Version History” which you can scroll back through.
  2. If you’re TR on a computer, IIRC after an update, TR will pop up a dialog w/the Version History. This is only available post update. Once you close it, it’s gone forever :smile:

Maybe someone else will chime in w/some other options.

Hey! Not a stupid question at all!
We do still release notes of changes and fixes each time you update the Desktop app. In terms of features that have changed in the last year or so though: you may have still been with us when we released Plan Builder and Group Workouts (aforementioned), new though is version-two of PowerMatch which has vastly improved, the ability to schedule workout times with calendar sync, the Successful Athlete Podcast, and lots of new training resources via the blog and podcast!

Behind the scenes, we’ve been rebuilding desktop app, and both versions of the mobile apps are in beta (just not released yet), but this is where most of our resources have gone over the past year, along with some other top-secret big projects we’ve been working on, but I can’t speak to those yet :shushing_face:).


Thanks Ivy - looking forward to seeing what’s next.

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Changes in the software from version to version… where can i see them?

I fell off the wagon yet again after my triathlon season ended, its been a great 2-months offs. Mentally i guess i needed it. I’ve even treated myself to a direct-drive new trainer (vs my 3 y old wheel-on trainer) to start my training again in December.
But then i haven’t been keeping track of the latest and greatest on the forum. I know AT is open to everyone now but other than that have i missed anything since… hmm August?!

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I moved your post under an existing one. AFAIK, there is still not a singular resource to find these outside of the app notification.

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Reply to share that the update notes are accessible. It varies a bit per platform, with one quick example below. I suspect all are found in the Support area to start.

Android = Support section, bottom of the list in “What’s New?

Perhaps @ZackeryWeimer or another TR rep can add the specific info for all other platforms?


Desktop: Support section → “What’s New?”

Android/iOS: Support section → “What’s New?”

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