Red Light/Green Light improvement needed

I get the concept behind RLGL for exhaustion and overtraining but I really feel that the team has missed the point. I believe that I can manage my training based on my sleep and workout success, however I am not so good at knowing when I’ve been riding too much and caused a rift at home. Could you please create some sort of a sensor for when you are spending too much time out on the bike and need to focus on tasks at home.


If you use the new Garmin “Spouse-o-meter”, not only will rl/gl maintain domestic bliss, but your Garmin will send you a reminder that when you told your non-cycling spouse you were going out for an hour, they thought you meant 60 minutes.


I’ve found if you reduce the slider to conservative it reduces both the Spouse Stress Score (SSS) and the prevalence of any rifts.


My spouse is my meter. Easy to know when she’s in the red. :rofl:


OMG :rofl: This is great! I will pass it along. :wink:


Divorce is the solution. Highly recommended!

To be fair my meter would mainly be red with maybe 1.5% yellow and 0.5% green

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My “SSS” hit a yellow light recently… Usually as long as I am back 10-11 am on the weekends I stay in the green. However this particular instance it was closer to noon-ish which resulted in a not so friendly look and “maybe you can write a note what time you will be back so I can be ready when you get home?”

That was a soft yellow. Next ride I was sure to be back an hour early (with an note) and went back to green. :sunglasses:


Like others, my spouse is my meter. To further know my red light / green light status I purchased her a mood ring.

When she is in a good mood it turns green. When she is in a bad mood it leaves a red mark on my forehead…


As someone with a cycling spouse, I do not understand this thread.


Ultimately It’s not about cycling…. but about communication and being a good partner. It all in good fun! :sweat_smile:

Agree. It’s cycling and spousal bliss. :slight_smile: