Red eyes after a session

Hi all I’ve noticed recently after rides my eyes are bloodshot and wondered if others have experienced the same. I train in my garage with a dehumidifier which keeps it around 60%. I have a fan which blows towards me including my face but still sweat a lot. Therefore could be a number of things; drying out from fan, sweat in the eyes and or just the effort - today was a Mary Austin so was a tough one.

So just want to see if others have experienced the same and how concerned should be.

Sorry for the photo might be a bit much but wanted to show it for reference otherwise ‘bloodshot’ could cover quite a range

happens to me all the time. It’s sweat getting in my eyes, I always thought.

That’s never happened to me

Happens to me after any hard workout where I’ve sweated a tonne. Worse when my sweat is saltier.