Recovery week without cooling?

Recently I heard that that there are benefits to be had by training in the heat. The benefits I believe were increase an athlete’s blood plasma volume (which leads to better cardiovascular fitness), reduction in overall core temperature, and reduction in blood lactate. I am wondering what the thinking is doing the recovery week without a fan in a relatively hot environment? This week is my recovery week and I have been doing this but I am not sure whether it is doing more harm than good on actual recovery?


You might want to start here

Thanks for the link and yes I had a read of this, but my question is primarily around doing this within a recovery week. I understand that the benefits of heat training are timebound, ie. needs to be > 100 mins but the real question is am I short changing my recovery week by doing this?

It’s my recovery week this week as well, and I was going to do exactly the same thing having also heard about the benefits on the podcast. I decided not to as it would be adding more stress than a normal recovery week and the whole point of the week is to rest up from the previous few weeks of hard training.


Mentally as much as anything - you don’t want rides like Beech or Baxter leaving you wiped out!

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