Recovery week - Can't find any motivation

Hey guys,

I would like to know if this has already happened to you. Since I started the recovery week, I can’t find any motivation, I don’t want to ride my home trainer, I would like to ride outside but curfew + rain bore me. I became too lazy this week. It’s like after a base + build phase and a long group ride every weekend (with a nice but not serious crash last weekend), I couldn’t find my inner motivation.

I would like to know how you manage this lack of motivation ? I am pretty sure that for the new build phase starting next week I will be pumped again.



I find recovery weeks the hardest. I load up podcasts I want to focus on given rather than the easy pedalling. I also front load the week so I do the longest rides Monday and Tuesday, as I know by Friday let alone the weekend, I’ll be bored of noodling

I have written it in some other thread - same as you: lockdown, job+kids at home for months, almost no escape, movement limited… frustrating. Moreover I have maybe overdone my last phase where I went up to almost 500tss after usually averaging 250-350tss.
Now I am very tired mentally as physically, do naps over lunch time with my smallest daughter, could already fall asleep at 7pm and dont find any motivation to do any sports or bike workout at all.
Vicious circle… so far I cant get out of it now for almost 3 weeks

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Hold on mate.
Where are you based ?

One of the solution I found is subscribing to GCN to watch the classics, monuments and the winter/spring races Strade Bianche, Paris-Nice, Tirreno-Adriatico, Paris Roubaix and co. It motivates to get back on my bike every weekend.


In Europe---- so Eurosport is the way to go :slight_smile: Cycling 24/7

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I’m like this after just a recovery day :relaxed:

But once I start riding again it changes fast.

Learn to love riding in the rain, or else you can throw all your plans and work out the window. Today for example it’s going to bucket down heavy here. I can’t face the two hour Kosciuszko +4 on the trainer either… No motivation for that.

So I’ll just face the rain and enjoy it. Just water. Shower bike down fast afterwards, will feel great.

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That is the way to go. Good point. I hope it will rain today :slight_smile:

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Totally normal, especially if the last block was especially hard.

Day 4/5 is usually the toughest (for me) and the thought of doing a strenous session is horrible. I take this as a sign my body is processing whatever it is it’s been through for the last 3 weeks.

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