Recovery week, and Form (from

I just finished a specialty phase that lead me to my first 300km ride last Saturday. The ride was great. I then took Sunday completely off, then I did some low intensity low volume workouts for these first three days. Today I looked at my form graph from (attached) and I realized I am at the top of the optimal zone. Does this mean my recovery week is too long? Should I shorten it? Or should I continue according to plan even if this will get me into the grey or fresh zone by Monday?


i’d disregard those and go with how you feel. Joe Friel defined those tsb zones, and as far as I know he’s the only person who has ever defined them, so I think the evidence for that is shaky at best

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Also keep in mind that Intervals offers the option to show Form in “Absolute” or “Percentage of Fitness” values. Each option can show some differences and I won’t even venture a statement of which you should use… but check it out at the very least.

Hi @redlude97
I am not sure I understand. Are you saying that if my next block does not get me into red, then it’s too easy?
And what do you mean by block? 3 week block before rest? 1 week?


I followed a plan that finishes this week with a recovery week after my first 300km ride (cycling4climate).
Now I just set up plan builder for another long ride I have planned for October 8 and it gave me 3 weeks of build, followed by one recovery week (during which I will be travelling), then my event and another recovery week. As I will be travelling during the recovery weeks I plan to do some running and possibly some strength maintenance workouts.

My ‘TSTWKT’ beta testers and I played with that (and other wrinkles) in trialing the PMC 20 y or so ago now. It didn’t really prove to very helpful.


played with what?

ok found it sorry :wink:

I don’t think the chart matters as much as what your current plan is. Do you have another A event, what is next in your training plan, and how do you feel? I don’t think you should modify your training plan to fit what’s in the chart.
I think @redlude97 has some good advice

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After high volume base I have hard time getting the graph even to green for a while when starting build. Doesn’t mean I’m not improving, just have to ignore it at times.