Recommended Bike Fitter in Northern Virginia

I’d appreciate recommendations for a good, reputable bike fitter in northern Virginia. Any personal experiences would be appreciated, too. Thanks in advance!

I’ve heard good things about the fitter at Green Lizard Cycling in Herndon. They are a “higher end” shop that hosts a race team so they have experience with everyone from casual to hardcore racers.


@mwglow15 Almost everyone I’ve talked to has good things to say about Clovis.

@rkoswald I got my pre-bike fit at - Douglas does a good job and has a GURU set-up which can independently move the different contact points of the bike.

I’ve also had my bike fit done at the Bike Lane by Bill - - He set up the Bike for my indoor trainer and I plan to go back for bike.


Awesome, thanks!

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Clovis at Green Lizard is great. He has fitted 3 bikes for me. Highly recommend.


Clovis @ Green Lizard is great. Solved my fit issues and won’t rest until you’re good. He’s been around forever and has kept my fit history for about 10 years.

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Sounds like Clovis at Green Lizard is the way to go. Thanks so much!

Bunch of friends up there go to sportfit lab

There is a tri shop (if thats what you are looking for) up in Leesburg its near the WOD trail…

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A bit of a hike, but Chris Richardson is excellent. I visited him several times when he owned Bike Doctor in Waldorf, but he has recently opened up a fit-specific shop in Crofton.

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Just want to thank the community for the great advice. I’m sitting outside The Green Lizard as they put my bike back together. Clovis did a great job. Highly recommended for anyone in the NoVA / DC / MD area. Well worth the drive to get here.


That place is very good. That was my shop when I lived in the area.
Always great customer service. And so conveniently located in the WOD trail!

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I biked the entire W&OD a year ago and never knew it was there - even took a picture by the train car just down the street. Great location for a local bike shop and awesome business model - sales, service, fitting, coffee shop, pastries, etc.


I ran 1/3 of the WOD 5 years ago (Ashburn to DC) 37 miles. :slight_smile:

Its a great place to train easy rides… Really miss it!
We dont have anything like this in FL

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Impressive run! My longest was Gasparilla Ultra - 5K, 8K, 15K, and half marathon but over two days, not all at once! I was living in Tampa at the time so made it easy to sign up.

I totally understand what you mean about not having anything like the W&OD in FL, though. It is really nice. Lots of road crossings, though, but no compaints.

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